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Crystal  Filled Geodes


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What Are You Looking For?

What Are You Looking For?

If you feel the urge to mine your own geodes in Utah here is some info.  We have been to this location several years ago, and pickings were fair, and digging not too hard. 

From Salt Lake City take I-80 westbound until you reach the Tooele turnoff (exit 99). Travel south on Highway 36 for approx. 40 miles to the Pony Express Road (dirt road). Turn west (right) and proceed approx.50 miles on the Pony Express Road to the Dugway geode bed turnoff (sign may be missing). Turn north (right), proceed up the dirt road and look for recent diggings.

Where to collect: Geodes can be found approx 1 to 2 miles north/northeast of the turnoff.  You will be digging in a soft, unconsolidated material that is susceptible to caving, so please be careful!

The geodes are fairly easy to recognize due to their round shape and light weight.

Land ownership: Bureau of Land Management (BLM) public lands. Active mining claims exist on some portions of the "geode area" so seek permission from the claim owners before collecting.

BLM collecting rules: The casual collector may take small amounts of gemstones and rocks from unrestricted federal lands in Utah without obtaining a special permit if collection is for personal, noncommercial purposes. Collection in large quantities or for commercial purposes requires a permit, lease, or license from the BLM.

Tools recommended: shovel, pick, safety glasses and hammer. Bring plenty of water.  We would not recommend this when raining or roads are muddy, and another tip make sure you have a good spare tire. This area is miles from anywhere and you would not like being stranded here.
Have fun collecting!

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